Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Homemade Yarn

Okay, I know you're wondering..."What in the world is that?"... And "What does that have to do with crocheting or yarn?" Okay maybe you already know, but about a couple of years ago that is what I would have wondered.
 "That" is my handy, dandy, home made version of a drop spindle.  To see what a drop spindle is and what it does should be clear after watching this video After I watched this I couldn't wait to start spinning my own yarn, and even though drop spindles are relatively cheep I was able to make my own without having to wait for a package in the mail.
This is the results of my first attempt at using the drop spindle. I started with wool roving I found on ebay. :)  For the most part its pretty even except at the very beginning. I am now knitting it into a little hand bag.

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