Monday, October 11, 2010

Butterfly Afghan

This is probably my favorite afghan so far. It was a really quick and easy pattern.

I did tweak the first corner of each round "Ch 3, dc 1 in corner hole" and then finish the round as if this were the entire corner, when you reach the end of the round you won't have to slip stitch instead "dc 2 in corner hole, ch 2, sl st in the 3rd ch from the beg." just as you would with a granny square, this also makes it so you can't see the slip stitches in the final product. Although the first corner hole will be a slightly different shape. (in the 2nd picture, in the bottom right you may notice that those holes are a little bigger) Note: this is a 12in square
The square is not my own pattern. Here's where I found it along with other inspiring patterns.
This is the video for the 3-D Butterfly to sew on to it.  (also not my own pattern) I hope you enjoy!


  1. Melissa, I love the little butterfly! So creative! Also love seeing see the hat and booties again, since those look like the same ones you made for Kaelen!

  2. Soo pretty, I especially love the butterfly. nice touch.
    ~Misty Samuelson

  3. I love this afghan. One question what weight wool did you use?

    1. Great Question! For this afghan I used worsted weight yarn. I believe it was Red Heart Super Saver. I am glad you like it.