Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cute Baby Hat and Booties

These make the cutest little shower gifts. It's a simple, quick working and a very forgiving project, Perfect for beginners.

I used Red Heart Baby Clouds yarn for both the hat and booties. The hat was done on the blue knifty knitter loom (could also be done on a bulky weight, 24 peg knitting loom. Cast on 24, knit 3in (approx. 12rnds), reach inside the loom and place each loop from the first rnd over the corresponding peg, knit 6.5 to 7in more (approx. 26-28rnds), finish off with a draw string (to make a draw string simply cut the yarn leaving a 18in tail, thread a yarn needle using that tail. Go through each loop on each peg going from the bottom up. Once you have done so take each loop of each peg, then pull thread tight) secure with a knot . Feel free to add a pom-pom. Note this is just the instructions that came with the knitting loom, not my own pattern.
 The baby booty pattern was also not my own, but here's where I found it http://bevq.blogspot.com/2010/01/bevs-baby-clouds-booties.html
Together they look adorable in pink or in blue.  The booties fit perfectly into the hat for storage or shipping purposes.


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