Friday, April 29, 2011

Dish Washing Gift Basket with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Dish Scrubbie

This little turtle came from a pattern for a square with a turtle in the middle, I simply used tulle (cut in 2" strips), made 2 shells (the pattern only called for one) and crocheted them together by adding the body. Because this basket was for a bridal shower where the bride and groom both liked turtles (the groom liked Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the bride liked the zoo kind, to be specific.) I decided to put an orange headband on to turn into Michelangelo. Here's where I found the turtle square:
 These dish cloths are so simple to knit and require no purling whatsoever. Using No. 8 or 10 Needles,  cast on 3sts,
(K2, yo, K to the end of the row,) for every row until you have 50 st, Note: On the every round you will knit the yarn over as if it was a regular stitch. Once you have 50 sts (K1, K 2st tog, yo, K 2st tog, K to the end of the row.) Until you have only 5 sts left on your needle, For the nest row K1, K 2st tog, K 2st tog, (3sts left), Next row K 2st tog, K 1, (2sts left), Next row K 2st tog, cut working yarn and pull through the last st and tighten to finish off, then simply weave in the tails. Note if you want a loop to hang it by leave one tail extra long and don't weave it in. Then get a crochet hook (size G or H)  pull the tail partly through the corner so you have a loop, put this loop on your hook and ch until you have approx. twice the length of chain as the length of your desired loop, sl st into the corner of your dish cloth, (sc in each ch working in a round, sl st in the corner again) this step is optional for making the loop.
  I figured because of the title of my blog I might as well use Joy dish soap.

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