Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tiny Flowers Great for Paper Crafting

These cute little flowers are just adorable and have so many uses in the crafting world such as: Knitted and crochet projects, paper crafts, scrap booking and much more. Although I cannot take full credit for these flowers I did tweak the little flowers in order to have different sizes. This is where I found the original
 I found I liked using crochet thread and size 6 or 7 hook. After completing the flower I added another round to make the bigger flowers:
(Ch 2, dc 2 at the top-most st of the petal, hdc in the same st, sl st in between this petal and the next one.) Do this on all 5 petals, finish off and weave in tails.
 The reason I had them packaged is so a friend of mine could take them to a bazaar where she had booth. Unfortunately there wasn't a very big turnout and none of them sold.

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