Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mi Ami Ami Dogs

   Okay the title to this post is somewhat misleading...these are not "my" amigurumi dog patterns, but I did follow the pattern to make these adorable dogs. For a Christmas gift I was given two books written by Mitsuki Hoshi Ami Ami Dogs and its sequel, Ami Ami Dogs 2.
 Mi Ami Ami Husky
Mi Ami Ami Labrador
 Mi Ami Ami Dogs Birthday Party
And last but not least Mi Ami Ami Cell Phone Charm.


  1. Dee Williams-GonzalezOctober 29, 2012 at 7:55 AM

    Oh my gosh!!! You're making me itch to go out and buy yarn for these absolutely, best ever, no wee wee pads needed pups! If all dogs were as gorgeous and well behaved as yours. Smiling from ear to ear! Don't know which one I want to make first your "I'm housebroken" pups or your "come fly away with me" butterfly blanket. Either way I'm sure snuggling up with either or both of those are sure to grant happy dreams. You rock! Happy hooking!

  2. Good work! I am impressed, really :)