Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Crochet Butterfly Appliqué

So after trying (and failing) a few different butterfly patterns, which were too small, had two sets of wings or wouldn't lay flat, I finally wrote my own pattern. The pattern I wrote uses a very similar technique to this pattern which was too small. (Note: the original pattern is on Ravelry so if you're not a member you may not be able to access it)
Here is the pattern I wrote:
Using an I/9 (5.5mm) crochet hook and worsted weight yarn
Make magic loop, chain 3,
Rnd 1: Dc 12 in loop, close magic loop, Do Not join, ch 3, turn, (12st)
Rnd 2: Dc 2 in each dc, Do Not join, ch 3, turn, (24st)
Rnd 3: (dc 2 in nxt st, dc 1) 12 times, Do Not join, turn, (36st)
Rnd 4: *sk 4 st, dtr 9 in nxt st, sk 4 st, sl st,* (sk 3 st, dc 9 in nxt st, sk 3 st, sl st,) twice, repeat once from * to *, tie off, (if you leave this tail long you can use it sew the butterfly on)

Antenna: Sl st in 2nd sl st of rnd 4, ch 3, sl st around 12th dc of rnd 2, ch 3, sl st in  magic loop, ch 9 very tight, ch 1 very loose, ch 9 very tight, sl st in magic loop, tie off, weave in ends, cut the loose ch, pull out short threads, pull others tight and cut them to be the same length.


  1. soo pretty, I have a weakness for butterflys.

  2. May I use this on items I sell? I don't have a blog so you can email here

    1. Most certainly, but please don't sell this pattern or include this pattern in any patterns that you sell or call your own (instead please link to )

  3. Hi! Just wondering approx what size the finished product will be? Thanks!


    1. Hi Betty,
      As I recall this makes about a 6 inch butterfly.(I am not 100% sure since it has been about two years since I last made one and I don't have any left over. I made it two fit on top of an eight inch granny square. However this could easily be manipulated by changing your yarn and/or hook size.
      I hope this was helpful.
      -Joy 2 Crochet

  4. I'm confused on round 4 where you wrote dtr 9 in next st. What does that mean?

  5. Dtr is the abbreviation for double treble crochet. It is basically a quadruple crohet stitch. You start by yarning over 3 times prior to entering the stitch. It is completed in the same wat as a double and triple crochet stitch is, by drawing the yarn through two loops at a time until just have one loop remaining. So in short the dtr goes like this:
    Yo 3 times, insert the hook into the desired stitch, draw up 1 loop, (yo and draw through two loops) 4 times.
    For this part in the pattern you will need to do that 9 times in the same stitch before moving on.
    Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.