Saturday, March 3, 2012

KB Adjustable Sock Knitting Loom

A few Christmases ago I received this neat adjustable sock knitting loom by KB. It is really easy to use and very compact. The hardest part to knit is the sliding section because you have to work around all the pegs that you're not using.
 I decided that it would be best to start with something small, so the first project I did was these cute little baby socks. The pattern was on the DVD that came with the loom. It used 30 pegs and I decided to put 1x1 rib at the top.
 The thing about socks is that you have to make two matching ones. After I finished the first one I began to wish that humans only had one foot because it seemed like an impossible task to make one exactly the same. Turns out that it really wasn't that hard, since it was easier to count the stitches of the first one once it was off the loom. I'm not sure if I did the same amount of rows on each sock but I think I got pretty close. :)


  1. Where on the DVD are the patterns? I don't see any on my dvd. Just the seven or so tutorials and I can't find a pattern that will work! :)

    1. Sorry, pattern was a poor choice of word. basically I took the tutorial for the cuff, continued that until I had the length I wanted. Then did the ankle, which is just basic knit, worked the heel as directed in the video. Next, I did the foot (also basic knit), and the did the toe, which is the same as the heel.

      With the first sock I took note of how many rounds I did for each part and then used the same number for the second sock. I didn't save my notes, but I want to say that I did 8 rounds for the cuff, 7 or so for the ankle, the heel as directed, 17 for the foot, and then the toe. I'm not sure if these numbers are right but I think it is something like that... I gave the socks away as a gift so I can't even look at them to confirm.

      If these numbers don't work out, then adjust them so it looks like the right proportion... This is kind of how I end up writing most of my patterns, "wing it 'til it works" :)

      If you find another combination of rows that works I would love to hear about it!

      A couple books that use this loom and have many patterns for knitting socks are:
      Loom Knitting Socks, by Isela Phelps
      Sock Loom Book, by Leisure Arts

      I have yet to try the patterns but they are very inspiring and I have done other patterns by Isela Phelps.