Monday, March 12, 2012

One Day, One Skein Scarfs

A while back I started crocheting these one day one skein scarves...nothing elaborate just an opportunity to use up some variegated yarn. Somehow I'm always behind the seasons, I began making this scarf in early December... just as fall was coming to an end.
For the first three here I used Red Heart Super Saver Yarn (The one with 244yds on it.)
To begin ch 17-20 (whatever you feel like)
Row 1: dc in 3rd ch from hook, dc across
The rest of the rows: ch 2, dc across
Fasten off at the end of a row when you have 12-16yds of yarn left, depending on you long you want the fringe. If you don't want a fringe just work until don't have enough yarn to complete a row.
On this one I used scs instead of dcs and I forgot to save yarn for the fringe so I've been trying to find a solid yarn that will match one of the colors of blue. Blues are so hard to match.
For these last two I used Lion Brand Holiday Homespun which has a gold thread twisted into it, and  Lion Brand Homespun yarn.
One thing I particularly like about the variegated Homespun yarn is how gradually the color changes.

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